Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lean forward so far, untill you are about to fall, keep's a bit scary right? Jeff and I are doing just that...leaning with faith that God is going to catch us. As you are leaning, what is the first thing you do as you are about to fall? Step forward to catch yourself. Jeff and I will be doing just that...taking that step forward...and growing.
We don't have our work visas yet. We are waiting for the letter from China saying we can teach over there. Then we have to mail that letter in to get our visas. Theeeennnnn we are on our way!
So, we wait...but while we wait and hope and pray that this will all come to be, we are moving forward: selling our things, packing up, looking into health insurance over there, getting caught up on our shots, and so on!
Some might say, "Hum, that sounds a little risky...moving forward with out much solid logic to stand on". Welp, you might be right...but we are growing, learning, loving, and living. Have faith and what is ment to be will be. So, we are going to China...heading out the 15th of August.
We'll let you know when we have the Visas (:

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